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Dulux® Acratex® Paints for Roof Restoration

Tin Roof Restorations only recommends the use of high quality Dulux® Acratex® membrane paints, applied by professional Dulux® Accredited Applicators, offering many key features and benefits.

Dulux® are a proven, well recognised Australian brand in the area of paints and coatings, and their next generation Dulux® Acratex® 962 roof membrane coatings are specially formulated for the harsh Australian climate, and designed to suit over-painting of both steel and tile roofs.

Furthermore, Dulux® Acratex® can be offered in a Cool Roof, high solar reflective formulation, providing the opportunity to significantly reduce energy costs within your home.

Both paint formulations are manufactured right here in South Australia at Dulux’s state of the art facility in Adelaide.

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Key features and benefits of the Dulux® Acratex® paint systems include:

  • Available in a wide range of COLORBOND® colours - and other fashionable shades to complement your home’s colour palette.
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  • High colour consistency - standard Dulux® Acratex® paint colours are factory milled to produce greater colour consistency and control, unlike other inferior roof paint products that are produced from a base coat and then tinted, and hence prone to batch variation issues.
  • Long-lasting gloss finish - helps shed dust and grime and enhances the overall appearance of your roof so it will look newer for longer.
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  • Thick, high-build impervious UV-resistant membrane paint - typically more than 6 times the paint film thickness of COLORBOND® steel, offering excellent barrier protection so the steel underneath is protected, sealing your home from the harsh Australian climate.
  • 10 Year Warranty Cover - providing confidence in long term durability and performance, and therefore peace of mind
  • Water based acrylic, formulated for the safe collection of potable water - so you can enjoy drinking rainwater all year around.
  • Superior heat reflecting properties - the optional Dulux® Acratex® Cool Roof (with InfraCOOL® technology), offers high solar reflectance performance, providing thermal and energy efficiency benefits for your home or property so you save money on cooling your home.
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  • Applied by Dulux® accredited Acratex Applicators - TRR only uses qualified trades, registered under the Acratex applicator scheme, therefore you can be assured that when your roof is restored by TRR, the job is completed in a professional manner.

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