About Us - Why Choose Tin Roof Restorations?


Steel roofing expertise

Our founder and manager, Scott Williams, has over 26 years experience in the steel industry, having been involved in the production, selling, inspection and restoration of steel roofing products across South Australia and Northern Territory markets.

Scott has inspected and assessed hundreds of metal roofs exhibiting a range of corrosion and paint performance issues. These can be tricky to diagnose and then to determine the most appropriate course of action.

As a qualified metallurgist and field technical specialist, Scott has a depth of knowledge to make these assessments and to recommend the most appropriate course of action required to restore your roof back to its former glory.


Why do we specialise in restoring steel roofs?

Given Scott’s experience and his connections in the industry, and the fact that Tin Roof Restorations utilise a team of trained and qualified steel roof applicators, our expertise is in the area of steel roof restoration, whether it be a painted (e.g. COLORBOND® steel) or unpainted steel roofing, or for that matter any metal or ‘tin’ roof surface.

We understand the range of problems that can go wrong with steel, metal or ‘tin’ roofs, and can provide you with a most appropriate and affordable solution, to have you feeling good about your home.

Services can be provided in areas of re-painting of your roof, corrosion rectification or simply cleaning it down to remove mould and fungus.


Tile roof restorations

Tin Roof Restorations specialises in the area of steel roof restorations.

However, that doesn’t mean we are only focused on steel roofing, as Tin Roof Restorations can also undertake tile roof restoration work.

In fact, the experienced roof sprayers utilised by Tin Roof Restorations are also well versed in undertaking high quality tile restoration work.


Professional & friendly sales approach

A friendly and professional sales approach is employed, without the use of high pressure and aggressive sales tactics to try and pin you down to a deal on the spot…we know how annoying that can be. That’s not our style, as we respect your time and intelligence, by providing a thorough assessment and value for money quotation to deliver you with the best possible outcome.

We are simply about providing a prompt, reliable and professional service using high quality paint systems and trades. No fuss, just good honest service without all the spin.


Team with the right credentials

All roof restoration work is undertaken by Dulux Accredited Acratex Applicators trained specifically in the art of applying specially formulated water based roof membrane coatings. They are also registered site supervisors of Roof Restoration work.

Tin Roof Restorations
Builders Licence: BLD 269887
ABN: 50 989 699 614
Public Liability cover of $20M


After Sales Service

Even after the job is completed, Tin Roof Restorations will provide professional after sales service, through the provision of a 10 year warranty, covering the performance of the paint, and a Care & Maintenance Guide, ensuring you have peace of mind that your roof will look its best for a long, long time.

Please also note that the 10 year paint warranty is transferable to any new owner purchasing your property, thus adding value to one of your property’s most important assets…your home’s roof.